Bittiri Satti Janatha Garage Review:

The channel airs shows like Teenmaar, Matakari Mangli, Cinma Talkies, Janapadam, Spotlight, Death Secrets etc. Teenmaar News A news satire show, it is aired every night at 9.30 P.M, is hosted by Savithri and Bithiri Satthi and a special team. Earlier the programme created most popular news characters like Racha Ramulamma, Mallanna and Teenmar Lacchavva. It became very popular in a short time.It mainly focuses on political and civil issues. It exposes politicians and celebrities in a comical way using typical Telangana slang. It also shows the adventurous and interesting things happening across the world.Spotlight It is a current affair program that focuses on a topic with in-depth and critical analysis. The political topic ranges from National level, state level or any particular issue.Studio discussion It runs a political debate involving political party leaders and analysts, every morning and evening. The morning shows covers newspaper headlines in all major Telugu Newspapers of the day.

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