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pelli choopulu movie is one of the most well made film in the recent times. Is is a cute love story mixed with romantic comedy elements. pelli choopulu movie was directed by Tharun Bhasker. He is a known face with short film that won him awards. the credit must go to the producers Raj Kandukuri and Yash rangineni for backing the script when they first heard. Music was composed by Vivek Sagar, Film has the sound of new age music composer but something more would have done wonders to the movie. cinematography done by Naresh, brings in the rich feel to the movie. “pelli choopulu” is a simple short story it tells about the two individual opposite characters,what happens when they meet in pelli choopulu and how they bring about a change in each others life.Vijay Devarakonda and Ritu Verma as the main lead roles. vijaya devarakonda is the one who already played Doodh Kashi role in Yevade Subramanyam. In this film His intensity and confused character tells volume of his talent. Ritu verma is the soul of the film.Her role in this film as the strong and straightforward, well independent girl wants to be an achiever.Her role is something new that even imported tollywood who charge a bomb don’t get in career.

Pelli Choopulu Movie Rating:3.25/5.0

Pelli choopulu movie review and rating, pelli choopulu review, pelli choopulu rating, Pelli choopulu movie review, pelli choopulu movie rating

Pelli choopulu movie review and rating, pelli choopulu review, pelli choopulu rating, Pelli choopulu movie review, pelli choopulu movie rating

Pelli Choopulu Review and Rating, Story, Public Talk Response 

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Vijay is a happy go lucky man,who takes everything in his life is very easy.he does not follow the group mentality and he becomes a chef. Seeing his careless attitude, his father decides to get him married with career oriented girl rithu. rithu is a straightforward girl so she reveals to vijay that she is not interested in getting married and wants to start business. vijay disappointed and decides to move on in life,he finds yet another girl in a well to do family.his would be father in law asked him to start anew own business after ask for his daughter. vijay took help from rithu and start a food business in a of the story is as how this couple solve their problems and get united in the end.

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pelli choopulu movie is good impression for several small budget films. the love story between the couple and the way all the confrontational scenes have been designed with a lot of freshness and loads of comedy  real life moments that occur to us commonly all packed into a fell good must say after watching the film,director tharun has lived up to it. the movie clearly presents him as a director with good clarity of the medium.the film has many beautiful moments which can easily relate to us.the movie cannot  be termed great but is fairly good for small budget films.good to see a movie keep its promise with the positive buzz can make it a success at the box office.finally who want to watch a clean and fell good love story. pelli choopulu is one movie which should not be missed.


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Final Word: Nice Attempts Good Movie

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Pelli Choopulu Review and Rating, Story, Public Talk Response
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