Samantha Troubled by Uncontrollable Crowd at Showroom Opening in salem :

Cheralam, Shalya, Kurukshetra, Sayilam and Sailam are found on inscriptions referring to the country around the hills: Nagarmalai in the north, Jeragamalai in the south, Kanjamalai in the west and Godumalai in the east. Salem is claimed as the birthplace of the Tamil Avvaiyar poets.In sangam period Salem was ruled by Mazhavar kings. In sangam age Salem belongs to Mazhanadu or Mazhavarnadu which was ruled by mazhavar dynasity. Notable Mazhavar kings are Valvil Ori of Kolli Hills and Adhiyamaan of Thagadoor Naadu. It and the surrounding hilly regions were part of the Chera dynasty, and the city was ruled by kings known as the Kurunila Mannargal. Salem was later ruled by Gatti Mudalis, Poligars who built temples and forts in and around the city.


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